Google Analytics Services

Google Analytics

Google Analytics gives you access to detailed data about the traffic on your website, your visitors’ behavior and the sections of your website users are most attracted of. Also, it offers you the opportunity to see which parts of the website are most likely to generate revenues. Thanks to the integrated support of the AdWords platform and to its tracking options, you can actually measure the performance of your online campaign. Furthermore, having access to real data, you can optimize your campaign so that you have a greater control over costs and a higher return.

These not only make Google Analytics a traffic analysis service, but a marketing tool that helps you streamline the investments you make in online activities.

Here, at KONDIMENT, we offer the following web analysis services:



Most often, implementing the Google Analytics code on your website will encounter no problems. But, without the necessary experience, it can lead to erroneous reports generated by unfiltered data or by mixing organic traffic from search engines with the one coming for PPC campaigns. Our specialists take into account all these aspects regarding issues that might occur on promoting through PPC campaigns, banner advertising or e-mail marketing.


Configuration and analysis

Configuring Google Analytics helps you get all the necessary information that can help you maximize your website’s ROI. The configuration services offered by Kondiment include:

  • –> Setting monitoring objectives, according to your website’s purpose
  • –> Tracking downloaded files
  • –> Tracking banner advertising campaigns
  • –> Tracking e-mail marketing campaigns
  • –> Installing the e-commerce module for tracking e-commerce websites
  • –> Creating customized reports based on your website’s objectives
  • –>Data analysis and optimization suggestions



Do you want to learn how to use Google Analytics or how to prepare an in-house team to monitor your campaigns?
Here, at KONDIMENT, we like to share the knowledge. If you want to get involved directly in the analysis of your website, we will teach you how to obtain the data you need, how to analyze them and make the best decisions for optimizing your website. You will learn how to get data about the sources of your traffic, which bring you buyers and which are most effective for increasing your ROI or how to customize and use Analytics reports to understand which pages need to be optimized for increasing your website’s usability. Also, by attending our trainings, you will learn how to set goals for your website, implement e-commerce modules and much more.

Find out more about Gabriela Andrei, the host of KONDIMENT Google Analytics trainings.



As part of our services, we offer consultancy for installing, configuring and interpreting Google Analytics reports, by e-mail, phone or onsite. Our consultancy services include:

  • –> Implementation strategic planning based on your campaign’s objectives
  • –> Data analysis
  • –> Setting specific website goals
  • –> Creating customized reports, saving and e-mailing reports
  • –> Monitoring online campaigns (PPC, banner, e-mail marketing)
  • –> Measuring your project and its success through peformance indicators and reports